Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

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Sagittarius the archer Sagittarius - Nov 22 - Dec 20: the archer. Keyword: "I See". After focusing awareness on others through Libra and considering the motivations of others through Scorpio, we come to an analysis of those relationships. This is the complement of Gemini where we come to understand the basics of how the world works. Here we focus on several perspectives of how the world should work, through ethics, philosophy and religion. Jupiter is the greater benefic of the solar system, and is the administrator for this place. Because it is closest to the sphere of Saturn, but below it, it seeks to understand what is beyond it. Also, because this place is in aversion to Cancer and Taurus (the exaltation and house of the Moon), it does not see where it belongs, nor does it care. This is why Sagittarians are often fond of travel. To Sagittarians home is "where you hang your hat". There is also a great release from the underlying tension and mistrust of Scorpio. This is a place of joy and gratitude. According to Valens:

"Those so born are good, just, great-souled, critical, generous, fond of brothers and friends, those who diminish what they first acquired but acquire them again, those who prevail over enemies, lovers of reputation, versatile, notable, those who weave matters in a riddling fasion." [12]

From this we see the wisdom of leaders like King Solomon present in these natives. The saying, "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom", says alot about jovial excesses and their result. Natives with Sagittarius or Jupiter in a commanding position frequently become judges, prophets, soothsayers, philoanthropists, etc...

When Sagittarius has the times for spirit, it elevates your reputation and makes your actions more visible to others, especially if this sign happens to be angular in relation to the lot of fortune. If Mars happens to be in squares (mutable signs), especially if in superior position (Virgo) in a day chart, without the rays of the benefics intervening, it can indicate controversy over your actions and scandal due to perceived injustices. Sometimes it is you who must fight an injustice during such times. When the benefics are present or the Sun or Moon cast their rays into the sign, it is a fortunate period for advancement related to the house that this sign rules in the natal chart. It is therefore all the more beneficial for career if this happens to be the 10th or the 10th sign counting from the lot of fortune (Valens considered the latter to be more potent).

If the archer has the times for fortune, if Jupiter should happen to be present or well disposed, it indicates an increase in ones property, particularly if the lot of fortune should happen to be in Aquarius and one happens to reside in the USA where the archetype of fortune in Aquarius manifests the most. If this place happens to be the 6th or 8th sign from the lot of fortune, it can indicate health issues with regard to liver or accidnets which cause injury to the thighs. It can be a time when alcoholism becomes manifest if the benefics are not present nor cast their rays into the place.

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12. Vettius Valens, The Anthology, Book 1, pg 14. Translated by Robert Schmidt.