Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius The Sun Nov 22 - Dec 20: The Sun, as Nous, represents the power of enlightenment, especially here. It represents those who want to experience as much of life as possible first hand and as a result of this it is indicative of those who love travel and foreign cultures. The question of the meaning or purpose of life is one that holds great interest for them. Because Jupiter rules the Sun in this sign, it also tends to create a jovial and optimistic attitude in these natives. Temperance and perspective are important issues and if neglected there is also a tendency for these individuals to overdo it, become reckless or extravagant. They are sometimes accused of a lack of sensitivity or consideration for other's feelings. This is because feelings and emotions are represented by the Moon, whose zoidion is in aversion (can't see) to Sagittarius. From their perspective, the broadness of their views and perspectives makes it difficult for them to keep all of the different social customs straight. Under negative aspects there may be a tendency to think they know it all, creating an arrogant streak.

In a diurnal chart, the Sun is essentially dignified by being in its own trigon. This means the Sun determines whether the standards set by the bound lord of the Sun are being adhered to. Because the Sun is translucent, this may indicate greater clarity of understanding and hence fairness in the character of the native unless there are afflictions. In the case of affliction there is a greater propensity for arrogance and lack of sympathy and understanding. The excess heat of the day rarifies, creating in the native an air of nobility. There is a greater degree of extroversion. The truth when they seek it is more easily grasped and the native feels less doubt about their own capabilities or what path they should follow in life.

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and moist of night go against the hot nature of the Sun. This has the effect of tempering the propensity for arrogance and overdoing it to some degree. By definition the Sun is also below the horizon, therefore indicating a more introverted disposition. These natives are sympathetic and tend to be more family oriented than their diurnal counterparts. Because Jupiter is the trigon lord (as well as the house lord) of the Sun by night, they tend to be fortunate in matters of love, romance and children.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring