Zodiac Sign Leo

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Leo the Lion Leo - Jul 23 - Aug 22: the lion. Keyword: "I Will". After one comes to understand their place in the world, it comes time to test ones sense of security and identity. Under Cancer the native draws in all sorts of information about ones self and sense of belonging. The natural counterpoint to this is an outward expression of ones self and an affirmation of self awareness and self consciousness. This takes many forms, through performance, creativity, playing, sports and contests all designed to prove ones worthiness and develop self esteem. This is the modern psychological view of this sign. Valens describes this sign thus:

"Those so born are notable, good, unchangeable, just, hating work, insubordinate, despising flattery, beneficent, puffed up with intentions. If the ruler should happen to be upon a pivot point or should happen to be with benefics, they will become bright, esteemed, tyrannical, kingly." [8]

There is a lot of similarity in meanings here between the ancient texts and modern psychological definitions of this place. Both place a heavy emphasis on pride, strength, megalomania, greatness, etc... While modern astrologers say that this sign has to do with children (possibly relationships with children), the ancients said that this place was barren. When the lot of children falls here or if Leo should fall in the 5th, it was indicative of having few or no children. This may be because currently the 5th house and Leo tend to be viewed similarly. However, there may be no comparison. Even so, children are far more at ease with expressing themselves than adults, so there does seem to be similarity.

This sign perhaps more than any other, lends itself to fame and recognition when it has the times for spirit. This is more particularly the case when this place falls both angular (is the ascendant, 10th, 4th or 7th) and is the 10th sign counting from fortune or is angular with regard to fortune. Other places will at least make one effective and progressive in what one does. The exception if if the place is hindered by the rays of the malefics or their presence without the testimony of benefics. If the Sun falls in an unfavorable location (cadent) then the effect might not be noticable. In such cases, the times can lead to the opposite (infamy), accusation and being driven away from ones home (in extreme cases). More typically, the malefics acting in this way lead to inactivity especially if Saturn happens to be in Leo or Taurus.

When this place has the times for fortune, this gives conditions for ones health. With the benefics present or casting rays into this place, it indicates good health during these times, malefics indicate the contrary. If it is the 6th or 8th sign counting from the lot of fortune, then take care during this time to watch for issues regarding cardiovascular health. Poor circulation could be a risk, particularly if Saturn is present in this sign.

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8. Vettius Valens, The Anthology, Book 1, pg 12. Translated by Robert Schmidt.