Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Venus Venus here is indicative of an individual who is romantic but at the same time isn't deeply serious. They like to flirt and are very outgoing and sociable but are generally disinclined towards serious committment in romantic relationships. They often have ardent affections for others for a time and then with little warning it evaporates. They may be prone to fall in love at first sight. Because this sign is bicorporeal, if Venus is lord of the lot of marriage or the 7th house or if Sagittarius has taken on the role of the 7th house, then it is indicative of one who marries more than once. It can also indicate marriage to one from a different culture or religious background. They are popular and have many friends, and seek relationships for adventure or fun. They especially enjoy social occasions linked to sporting events.

In a diurnal chart, The heat and dryness of the day have the effect of increasing both social activity and distance. Intimacy is a little harder to come by. There is a desire for adventure and fun in relationships but less serious committment. This is indicative of one who is more public, outgoing and sometimes flirty. They are more demonstrative of their affections.

In a nocturnal chart, the moistness creates a greater sense of unity allowing others to identify with you and vice versa. Intimacy is heightened and commitments are easier to come in relationships by as a result. The coldness groups alike and unlike together in closer proximity, therefore, this individual deals more closely with foreigners than most. If Venus is in difficult aspect, this could indicate one who often gets stuck in the middle of a tense culture clash.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring