Jupiter in Leo

Leo Jupiter This creates in the native a strong air of nobility. They have leadership capacity and are ambitious and enthusiastic. They rarely have a blue day and it is hard to keep this individual down. This is because Jupiter has a benevolent jovial influence upon the heart. They are very good with the public, so a career in politics is a possibility. They may be prone to speculate and enjoy risk and games of chance. Obviously, with hard aspects or afflictions to Jupiter there can be problems with gambling addiction. They also should watch a tendency to overdo in work or anything else that gains their interest, since Jupiter adds excessively to the Sun's striving for largeness and greatness.

In a diurnal chart, the heat rarifies, adding an air of nobility to this individual. Because Jupiter is of the sect in favor, this person often has great faith in God. Because of their faith they may be more inclined to gamble or take chances, feeling that little can go wrong. They tend to have a strong moral center, and may be interested in a career in politics, or the law, but prefer being a judge to being a lawyer.

In a nocturnal chart, Jupiter is essentially dignified by being in the trigon of fire. The coldness of the night lowers activity which helps keep the native from overdoing. Also because the quality of "cold" is that which brings together that which is like and unlike, this is the opposite if rarification, creating less emphasis on qualities of nobility. Because of the sect status, they are not as likely to take blind gambles, preferring seeing to faith.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring