Neptune in Virgo

Virgo Neptune Neptune was last in this sign between 1929 and 1943. In some ways this is symbolic of a detriment, because Neptune's idealism is not well supported by Virgo's analysis and attention to realistic detail. As a result, when Neptune first entered this sign, it deflated investments sending the stock market into chaos. Neptune in Virgo symbolized that there was no harvest. It caused disillusionment in many, and the great depression ensued. Because Leo emphasized play, it was now time to focus on work, but Neptune has the tendency to expand without adding anything of substance. As a result, work became scarce and there was record unemployment. The "New Deal" was proposed and enacted by FDR to help get America back into prosperity. In order to counteract the differences in wealth, welfare and social security came into being and work conditions came into high focus with unionization growing in strength. In other parts of the world communism was becoming the standard for economic survival. Those born during this time became known as the beatnik generation. Those with close aspects from inner planets to Neptune in this sign are set up as examples before the public for these ideals.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness counteract Neptune's cool and wet nature. Because heat and dryness separate and rarify, this half of the generation will be less sympathetic to the needs of others. Unless there are close aspects from personal planets to Neptune in this sign, this is not likely to become an issue. If there are, the native may be confronted with problems that show that no man is an island.

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and wet of night agree with Neptune's nature. There is a feeling of more commonality and unity. Organizations like the Red Cross and the Heifer Foundation may appeal to the native. Those with close aspects from inner planets to Neptune in this sign may make important contributions in medecine and pharmaceuticals.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring