Jupiter in Virgo

Virgo Jupiter According to medieval tradition, Jupiter is in detriment in this sign. This means that Jupiter's propensity for expansion and prosperity is not well supported. This is because the lord of this place, Mercury prefers to "travel light" and is frugal with money and possessions. It is commonly said that people with this position have a tendency to make something out of nothing. This is due to Jupiter making more of the details provided by Mercury. Therefore these natives need to focus on maintaining a proper perspective and a valid set of priorities more than most. One could also argue that because Virgo being earthy in preparation for the fall quadrant, that it is melancholic by nature with a propensity for dryness and that trends toward cooling off. This is in conflict with Jupiter's warm and moist nature. Since Jupiter is indicative of children, these natives tend to have few or no children unless the 5th house is watery (prolific) then it tends to indicate twins or more than one.

In a diurnal chart, the dryness is amplified placing emphasis on details. The heat supports Jupiter's propensity for expansion. Together it is more difficult to keep perspective of what is important and there is a greater tendency to make something out of nothing. In the opposite direction, there also may be a tendency to make assumptions because it is seemingly impossible to take into account all of the details, with errors being the result. If the native happens to be a genius, then this may not prove to be a problem, but a blessing, showing an encyclopedic memory and an ability for abstract reasoning.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold groups like and unlike together and the wetness blurrs the distinctions. Jupiter may not have as much power to expand issues out of proportion, but the mind is not functioning as much on an analytical level. This shows that the native tends to think metaphorically. They may be good at interpreting dreams.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring