Venus in Taurus

Taurus Venus Venus is in its own house here and is therefore more able to administer to issues involving love, money, pleasure, artistic expression, and material luxuries because the cosmic soul perceives clearly her presence in this sign and her asking for these things for the native on his/her behalf. This sign also makes all things, including those above, more permanent and lasting. For this reason, a lasting love and financial security is especially important for the natives. They are loyal and perservering, but can also be possessive and jealous. They find committment to a single relationship much easier than most people.

In a diurnal chart, Venus is more active because of the heat and dryness of the daytime counteract her naturally cool and moist nature. The native is therefore more inclined to actively seek pleasure and situations that will enhance security, financial and otherwise. In the past it was seen as more socially acceptable to wait for things of this nature to come to you, else you were considered a hedonist or were too "foreward", etc... This is especially true if Venus was rising before the Sun on the morning of the natives birth. This Venus has a special name: "Phosphorous" which in Greek "phos" means "light" which is where we get the term "photons" from. The bible calls the same "lucifer" which means especially translucent and brilliant. The danger hinted at here is that too much vanity leads to pride and then a downfall which in this case will most likely take the form of social ostracization. This is more likely yet if Mars happens to be in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius (solid signs).

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and moist nature of Venus is amplified by the cool and moist of night, especially if Venus was visible in the evening of birth after sunset. This has the effect of multiplying the positive and negative effects of Venus in this sign. There will usually be more security and happiness unless Saturn happens to be in one fixed/solid signs. Along with it there is increased dependency and lack of willingness to go after what one wants, though normally this position is very fortunate for marriage, finance and artistic expression, especially if Taurus should be one of the signs possessing a pivotal house with respect to the ascendant.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring