Sun in Taurus

Taurus The Sun Apr 21 - May 20: Even though the Sun is peregrine here, (without essential dignity) it gains great strength because it is culminating with respect to its own sign. This 10th house quality places an emphasis on the acquisition of respect and recognition. According to medieval sources, the emphasis on dryness is augmented by both, while the coolness of the earth cancels the heat of the Sun, bringing a temperate and steady, placid nature to their sense of purpose. The excess dryness creates separateness and distinctness. These distinctions in situations in the natives environment, create a clear cut sense of security and self assuredness. For most of these natives, being stuck in ill defined, i.e. controversial situations is their worst nightmare, so they have a tendency to be conservative and reliable.

In a diurnal chart, the excess heat generates above average activity and nudges them out of their placidity to some degree. There can be an urge for public life in politics or in the corporate world. There is the danger that dryness may become overemphasized to the point of insensitivity and stubborness. In the worst case, these natives may view situations with very strict black and white boundaries and suffer detachment from the consequences of their actions, creating difficulty in learning from mistakes.

In a nocturnal chart, the coolness slows down activity, creating a greater sense of contentment. Consequently, there tends to be less interest in worldly matters and politics, and they are more likely to be introverted. The dryness is moderated and creates a greater sense of their relationship to their surroundings, hence they are more sensitive and emotional. They are also less secure because they are more likely to get into situations that are not well defined. These natives seem to be more artistically creative and self indulgent than their diurnal counterparts.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring