Saturn in Taurus

Taurus Saturn Modern astrologers frequently state that these people have difficulty with finances and indicate those who need discipline and hard work if they are to acquire material success. It does appear to indicate testing of the natives sense of values. This is because Saturn represents the principle of agnoia (not knowing). As a result they become conservative and practical from the sense that they do not know what lies ahead for them financially. Their approach to business is slow and cautious, patient and steadfast. Due to a lack of security, they save money and tend to be materialistic. These natives usually prefer investing in bonds, or long term in stocks.

In a diurnal chart, the heat nullifies Saturn's inherent coldness. The sense of agnoia begins to dissipate and there is greater certainty with regard to business decisions, and especially with aspects from Venus or Jupiter, there can be great success. Again as with Jupiter above, the heat will tend to rarify and cause separation from others of different social classes, creating similarly, jeolousies, and plots to bring the native down to a less aristocratic level. However, unless there is a hard aspect from Mars present, this will usually not become an issue. This is because Saturn is inherently more conservative, less boastful, and more careful than Jupiter. If Mars is in hard aspect, then the danger comes from neglect or forced rash actions in order to protect from losses.

In a nocturnal chart, the wet and cold natures are amplified as well as the principle of contrariety. Darkness and uncertainty with respect to business decisions cause constant second guessing and a lack of security. As usual, the coldness concentrates that which is like and unlike together. The native then finds it difficult to separate his/her fortunes from the fortunes of others, so the native frequently tries to force the situation. The result is miserliness and excessive conservatism, along with a lack of willingness to take chances. At night, without a clear sense of how to invest, it is less likely to work out positively. Aspects from Jupiter and especially Venus will help the native relax financially and be less like "Scrooge".


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring