Mars in Taurus

Taurus Mars Mars has difficulty functioning here on the natives behalf unless it is received. Although Hellenistic sources did not consider detriment, Mars is said to be in detriment here according to medieval sources. In any case, because Mars is not liked by Venus, it has a difficult time when in this sign. Mars nature is forceful and direct, but Venus is tactful and refined. As a result, the native may be slowed down by obstacles and limitations, causing them to be slow to act. There is likely to be considerable frustration because Venus is slow to respond to Mars requests. These two planets have much to do with sexual relations, but with Mars placed in this setting there can be jeolousy, stubbornness, power and mind games.

In a diurnal chart, Mars becomes even more difficult to control as the appetites are only amplified. The native is especially willful against considerable opposition. For women, there is often difficulty in relationships with men, because to women it appears that men are unwilling to change and will not consider other possibilities. Men with this position often feel like nothing they do will matter, that they are continually banging their head against a wall. Venus or Jupiter witnessing Mars here will help make things more pleasant.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and moist of night alleviate some of the frustration of the natives actions. Mars becomes more placid and controled and the actions are more considered and thoughtful. As a result, relations with the opposite sex are better for these natives than their diurnal counterparts. There may also be talent in art or music, though there will be greater difficulty in all of these things if Saturn happens to be copresent or witnessing from one of the solid/fixed signs


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring