Jupiter in Taurus

Taurus Jupiter Most modern astrologers say this indicates an ability to manage resources well and make investments grow to great potential. As a result, these people may end up in corporate investment firms or other types of financial institutions. It is also common to find involvement in real estate and agriculture, if Jupiter is angular and strong in this sign. These natives make especially good gardeners. The reason for this is that according to aristotlean principles, Jupiter is warm and moist in effect. When placed in a fertile sign of spring, it brings considerable growth.

In a diurnal chart, the warmth is increased. Jupiter then indicates faster growth potential of investments and wealth. Since according to Aristotle, heat rarifies, those of lower class or financial status are separated from the native. The potential result is snobbery and jeolousy from subordinates. If Jupiter is also squared, opposed or joined by one of the malefics, especially Mars (by sign), then, there may be over indulgence, financial wrecklessness, waste and indifference to the material needs of others. This may cause controversy, and plots, and corruption if there later is a need to cover up wrecklessness in the natives behavior. Beware especially if the lot of accusation should fall in this place or in the solid quadruplicity. Venus making an aspect to Jupiter in this condition helps alleviate the potential for plots, controversy or accusation, but it can also indicate an increase in self indulgence.

In a nocturnal chart, cold is increased. As a result, Jupiter is slower to bring about an increase in investments and financial holdings. Coldness, according to Aristotle, is that which concentrates things of like and unlike nature together in a tighter space. For this reason, the native is likely to be in closer contact with commoners, less aristocratic and more sympathetic to the needs of others. But because of the slowness of attaining wealth, there will likely be a streak of conservatism. If Saturn happens to be in one of the solid/fixed signs as well, then there is some inhibition to overcome in the attaining of wealth. If the lot of debt should be in this quadruplicity in this circumstance, it indicates contracts or mortgages which restrict owning what one has.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring