Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio The Sun Oct 23 - Nov 21: This place is in aversion to the exaltation of the Sun. This means that the power of Nous is directed toward hidden and occult matters, of which one of the greatest mysteries is that of the nature of life (the Sun) and death (Scorpio). Because of this, these natives seem to be more keenly aware of the fragile nature of life and tend not to take it for granted, living life to the fullest. Nous here creates an understanding that knowledge is power. Because of the aversion, the will develops a covert side that is not easily seen indicating a hidden agenda. This can also be understood to be the 4th house of the Sun (from Leo), again showing the hidden nature of the will and developing an understanding (hupostasis) of the foundation of [their] power. They dislike careless displays of power and pompous attitudes and tend to understate their own capabilities. In addition, because it is not easy to see (aspect) what motivates these individuals, they have a tendency to be underestimated by others and frequently are seen as the underdog. The awareness of motivation is keenly developed and often the focus of their life is based upon a contest of wills. Those born with this are said to have great determination and will power and will see things through to the bitter end.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness of the Sun are augmented. The dryness creates distinctions and the heat purifies intentions so that motivations of self and others are consciously understood and dealt with more directly and openly. There is greater willfullness and open confrontation leading to quicker resolution of conflicts of interest, but at the same time with greater acrimony. This individual is more extroverted.

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and moist of night tend to negate the hot and dry nature of the Sun. Intentions become muddied and motivations unclear and therefore the native is less willful and feels less secure and self assured. The native will tend to act unconsciously and instinctively. This individual is more introverted and tends not to seek open confrontation to resolve conflicts, but will do so secretly.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring