Saturn in Scorpio

Scorpio Saturn The principle of agnoia combines with the great unknown here. This has the effect of deepening any mysteries that may exist in the natives life. Related to this, they sometimes have a very morbid side or an obsession with death or the occult. Some say that this position creates sexual inhibition or perversion but Schmidt says that association happened because the French called sex "Le petit mort" meaning "the little death". Some have serious issues with lack of security or having to deal with an unsafe environment. As a result, they tend to be gravely serious in temperment and sometimes lack a sense of humour. They often feel like they have been made a scape goat, suffering because of the actions of others, frequently having to correct their mistakes. This sometimes puts them in the awkward situation of having to take responsibility for something without having the authority. They take responsibility very seriously and work extremely hard to achieve their ambitions. They pursue their work and ambitions with great intensity and can be relentless and persevering in the face of difficulties. Their ability to achieve the seemingly impossible comes from their agnoia (not knowing) of how to quit.

The main danger with this position is a tendency to take life and ones self too seriously because the consequences appear so grave. Fear is heightened and every action is perceived with ulterior motives and every word seen through negative connotations. The result is that such may overcompensate by becoming controlling, driven to power, interested in occult matters and spying or espionage and losing the sense of boundaries in areas of privacy, and a false dichotomy between freedom and safety (that freedom has to be sacrificed for safety). George Orwell's 1984 with all that it entails is the result. The antidote is to lighten up and realize that control is an illusion supported by ego and a heightened sense of separation. Inside every despot/tyrant is a scared little child.

In a diurnal chart, the heat of the day counteracts Saturn's excessively cold nature. There is less uncertainty (agnoia) about ambitions and goals. There is greater moderation in routine and greater clarity in issues of authority and responsibility. This is due to the fire of the day rarifying opportunities for breakdown in command structures. As a result, these natives tend to achieve above average success in corporate positions.

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and moist of night magnify the agnoia of Saturn. Because the native tends to lack clear boundaries for responsibilities, they may either tend to take all responsibility or none at all. In the former case they have a tendency to overwork themselves. If the chart is eminent, they achieve great success. If not, they achieve censure for overstepping their bounds while another takes the credit. In the latter case, they may become outcasts, vagabonds or homeless developing an acute hatred for aristocracy.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring