Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio The Moon The Moon represents the physical body, feelings, attachments and support that we have in this world, but Scorpio often is about letting go and sacrifice and death. Therefore it should be no surprise that the Moon is in its fall in this sign and as a result of this, that the cosmic soul sees little merit in lunar issues here. After all, what good are emotions and a physical body when the issue of more importance is one of letting go, sometimes through death? The Moon here, then, goes against nature. The Moon is in the 5th house from itself which is like Leo (exposure - lack of protection as opposed to natural cancerian Moon which is more secluded). The native's needs and domestic support have a harder time getting the ear of the cosmic court. Therefore, it is the case that Mars as lord of the Moon asks for these things on the natives behalf according to its own martial nature. Others will tend to perceive this as manipulative because Mars can be pushy in its requests. There is also a tendency to take emotional issues personally, and to lack objectivity for the same reason. The underlying theme here is that the native needs to learn self reliance. If they insist on remaining attached too long to worldly supports, they may eventually succumb to jeolousy and revenge. On the plus side, the native is sharply aware of emotional issues and has a deep understanding of human nature.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness of the day counteract the cool and wet nature of the Moon. The expression of feeling does not flow as easily and there may be inhibition and shyness. They can be fearful of exposing their true feelings and needs to others, preferring an indirect approach to getting what they want. They tend to be more self reliant and sometimes it can be hard to get to know these natives well.

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and moist of night amplify the same qualities in the Moon. The lack of distinction and separateness may lead to clingyness and disrespect for personal boundaries. At the same time this allows for easier expression of feelings. There is usually less shyness and inhibition but at the same time they tend to be more dependant ocasionally leaving themselves vulnerable to being emotionally let down.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring