Mercury in Scorpio

Scorpio Mercury Since the physical (the Moon) tends to be deemphasized in this sign, Mercury can be quite comfortable here dispite its lack of essential dignity. Natives with this position are capable of feats of mind over matter and have great control over their minds and communication. This is a very good position for those who wish to practice yoga because of their great capacity for mental concentration. In general, they tend to be quite reserved but are precise and economical with their words when they do express themselves. They can have a sarchastic or acerbic wit at times and are suspicious of the motives of others. They tend toward conspiratorial thinking and guard secrets very carefully.

In a diurnal chart, the dryness leads to distinctions and separation and the heat to purification. The natives communication may tend to be sarcastic. They tend to be sharp, analytical and to the point. They are inherently skeptical and are less prone to believe in conspiracy theories than their nocturnal counterparts.

In a nocturnal chart, the wetness of night blurs distinctions and the coldness brings seemingly unconnected things together in closer proximity. In this situation, logos is likely to create connections where they may be none leading to conspiratorial thinking and suspicion. There may be a marked increase in paranoia as a result. Of course, just because you're paraniod doesn't mean that they are not out to get you.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring