Sun in Pisces

Pisces The Sun Feb 20 - Mar 20: The Sun is in aversion to its own domicile (Leo) here, which shows a tendency not to look at or see the self. This indicates that the self and ego, and a drive for greatness are often de-emphasized to a large extent. This doesn't mean that you suffer from mediocrity, just that pride isn't usually one of your vices; and when you do achieve something great (like Einstein) you are modest about it. More literally, this is the Sun's 8th solar house, which means that this is the place where ego and selfishness dies. This sign also belongs to the watery quadrant of winter. The result is that the native is very sensitive, compassionate, and considerate of others feelings and needs, and can be insensitive to their own. Because the Sun is in aversion to its own domicile, it is likely that you can be easily influenced and confused on issues that others feel strongly about, particularly when there are two opposing views. Your perspective will allow you to be able to see the other points of view easily. Because the lord of this place is Jupiter, and the Sun is not behaving like its self, these individuals are a bit retiring at times and often seek solace in order to put into perspective all that they experience, which is often considerable.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness of the day help to purify and create clear distinctions in the natives sense of purpose. It also makes it easier for these individuals to make sense of their experiences more objectively and with some sense of reason rather than just relying on gut instinct. They make good moderators or judges because of their ability to combine compassion with their objectivity.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and wet of the night work against the hot and dry nature of the Sun. These individuals may not be very clear about their sense of purpose in life. Therefore it may take quite a while for them to decide upon their life's direction. They may be overly sensitive and may worry too much about pleasing everyone without consideration for their own needs. When this gets too burdensome, they often drop out of sight for a time.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring