Neptune in Pisces

Pisces Neptune Neptune was last in Pisces between 1847 and 1861 and will re-enter Pisces in 2012. Neptune blends in very well here and some consider it to be dignified by being in its own sign. During this time, slavery was coming to an end and many slaves were escaping to freedom through the underground railroad. A new form of art called impressionism became popular through the works of Monet and Cezanne and many people chased their dreams of wealth during the gold rush. In general, those born during this time will have high philosophical and moral ideals. It is not usually profound in a physical sense but very much so in a spiritual sense. They can be very idealistic and if Neptune is brought into high focus while in this sign then these natives will be inspired. However, without some grounding in earth, they will tend not to be very practical and may find it hard to make the vision a reality. This combination is indicative of spiritual and philosophical breakthroughs such as existentialism. It is interesting that the next transit of Neptune here will coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness of the day counteract the cold and wet nature of Neptune. This may cause it to be less of an issue in the chart by taking away Neptune's propensity for inspiration, but while functioning under the principle of limitation, the native may find that they are more able to make practical use of Neptune's energy.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and wet of night amplify these same qualities in Neptune. Theoretically, this should create greater spiritual insights, but with the principle of limitlessness in operation, the native may find it more difficult to find support for a firm foundation for their insights.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring