Moon in Pisces

Pisces The Moon The Moon is in the 9th sign from its own domicile (Cancer) here. Because the 9th often has to do with travel and exile and the Moon is, by contrast, about belonging, there is an underlying tension created here. As a result, they often long for a place to put down roots, but at the same time feel like they can't stay too long in any one place. Because of the bicorporeal nature of this sign, the Moon (feelings and emotions) lacks stability which creates moodiness in the native. The 9th gives the Moon an ability to see the moods of others. Sometimes this becomes overwhelming and they occasonally have to shut the world out in order to regain equilibrium. A few have a very highly developed psychic sensitivity (like Edgar Cayce). Because of this extreme sensitivity, their feelings can be easily hurt. They often have a reputation for helping those in need. They need to be careful that they aren't being taken advantage of by others who would prey upon their compassion. Because Jupiter is lord of the Moon, this placement is about finding the proper perspective from which to explore their emotions.

In a diurnal chart, The heat and dryness help to moderate the excessively wet and cold nature of the Moon. This should help to minimize the instability of the emotions to some extent and provide some limit to your sensitivity to others which would otherwise prove more overwhelming.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and wet nature of the Moon is amplified. Sensitivity is unrestrained as are mood swings. They may be so sensitive that they shy away from too much involvement with others or they may lack a sense of proper boundaries and get involved in co-dependent relationships.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring