Mercury in Pisces

Pisces Mercury According to medieval astrologers, Mercury is both in detriment and fall in this sign, while according to Hellenistic astrologers Mercury is only in fall here. The medieval opinion means that Mercury is in an "enemy camp" and therefore is not supported in acting like its self. The fall means that mercurial issues have little merit before the cosmic court. This is one of the reasons pisceans are thought to be so confused. What this means on an individual level is that your intellect often does not function in a straight foreward logical or analytical manner and may be chaotic at times. You may tend to misplace or lose objects and other people may find your motives perplexing. However, your intuition is stronger than most and often you can't explain why you know something, just that you know it. Your hunches often prove correct, but your everyday planning and reasoning is chaotic by most other peoples standards. You are often seen as being disorganized. It is probably best if you avoid fields that involve accounting or close attention to detail. However, this is a good position for those interested in psychology or human services, because of your ability to empathize and relate to others on a feeling level.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness help to moderate the cold and wet effects of this place. This individual is better at analysis, record keeping and attention to detail than their nocturnal counterparts. However, intuition may be a little weaker.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and wet qualities of night are unrestrained. This means that the native functions by metaphorical logic or wholistic reasoning and tends to be less analytical. Intuition is very strong and they may be psychically sensitive.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring