Jupiter in Pisces

Pisces Jupiter Jupiter is in his own domicile here and is therefore essentially dignified by house. This means that Jupiter can speak on its own behalf for the native concerning things like faith, justice, benevolence, etc... These individuals tend to be easy-going and laid back. They are very sympathetic to those less fortunate than themselves and often desire to help. They are generally very fortunate themselves so they can end up trying to help alot of people and stretch themselves too thin. They tend to have great faith in the goodness of human nature and may turn a blind eye to the underbelly of the world. This can be their undoing because they can be easily taken advantage of. Their friendliness and love of animals makes them very popular and they would make good veterinarians. Because this place is watery, they may need to watch their weight, especially if Sagittarius or Pisces rises. As with Venus in Pisces, this is a favorable indication for children if the lot of children should be here or Pisces is either the 4th, 5th, 10th or 11th sign from the ascendant.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness of the day help to dry up some of the wetness of this place. They usually have a more realistic view of the character of those around them. They are not as easily moved to acts of compassion as their nocturnal counterparts, but seek to help fairly. Theoretically, weight gain should be less of a problem.

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and moist of night add the the wetness of this place showing that there is lack of distinction for whom this individual is sympathetic to. They are more easily swayed by emotion and appeals to charity and can be more easily taken advantage of as a result. Theoretically the coldness slows the metabolism making weight gain more of an issue.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring