Venus in Libra

Libra Venus Venus is essentially dignified here. This means that Venus has a strong voice for the advocacy of issues like beauty, love, popularity, marriage and partnerships on behalf of the native before the cosmic courtroom. These natives are therefore socially refined and graceful. They tend to be attractive to the opposite sex and are generally quite popular. They make excellent hosts and do everything possible to make their guests feel at ease. Their list of friends seems to be endless. This is because Venus is friends with all of the planets except Mars. They have a tendency to collect beautiful but otherwise useless items to decorate their surroundings. They may have a fear of being alone.

In a diurnal chart, the heat rarifies and the dryness makes distinctions. The rarification creates greater refinement in social atmosphere while the dryness creates distinctions of class and status. This aids in the popularity for those seeking elected office. They are likely to be more outgoing and socially popular, but they may have a tendency to be superficial. If Venus is also oriental, they are more aggressive in approaching others, especially the opposite sex.

In a nocturnal chart, the coolness brings these natives into contact with people from many different backgrounds. The wetness blurrs distinctions so that the native can easily put themselves in another's shoes. They are very sympathetic and friendly and the social atmosphere these natives prefer tends to be less formal. They are very polite and well mannered and do not pursue relationships aggressively.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring