Sun in Libra

Libra The Sun Sep 23 - Oct 22: Here the Sun is in its fall. This may be why this season is called fall in the northern hemisphere. What this means is that before the court of the cosmic soul, issues of identity, self expression and willfullness are not given great merit while the Sun is in this sign. The Sun is not supported in being willfull and selfish and boastful. This is appropriate because it is relationship and compromise that has the focus for these natives. Instead the Sun, representing Nous, is turned toward ideas of what is beautiful, elegant and glamourous. There is often an interest in the performing arts, music, cultural, sociological and anthropological issues. The native has excellence and greatness in diplomacy, the law, social elegance and refinement, and the distribution of justice.

In a diurnal chart, the Sun is in hayz. The fire of the diurnal sect rarifies their social stature and they have a reputation for grace and diplomacy. The dryness creates social distinctions and tends to create separation based on class or social clique. They are generally able to get what they want from others without compromising themselves. They can be willful but use their arm twisting to get what is right and is in the best interest of others.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and wet of night counteract the heat and dryness of the Sun. To some degree, this individual may not stand up for their rights. They prefer harmony and are willing to sacrifice much for the sake of peace. The coldness keeps them in contact with many types of individuals, and the wetness brings sympathy. If they compromise too much, they may suffer from low self esteem.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring