Moon in Libra

Libra The Moon This position shows an individual who is eager to please. They want (or need) the admiration and love of others more than most people. The Moon here shows sensitivity to the needs of others and a willingness to accomodate. Because of this they need to watch out for others who may try to take advantage of them through flattery. They need to develop self reliance and learn to say no when they have to. If the Moon is afflicted they may be too dependant. They may suffer to some degree from instability in relationships because the Moon is dyadic and brings in a certain amount of unpredictability, but they are not usually taken by surprise. They prefer a harmonious home environment with beautiful surroundings.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness go against the cool and wet nature of the Moon. The dryness provides distinction so that there is some degree of social separation. This usually means that the individual is not as open in expressing feelings and seeking the approval of others, preferring to seem detached or more unconcerned than they are. In some cases this is because they fear disapproval or rejection or they want to keep the peace from being disturbed.

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and wet nature of the Moon is reinforced. There is more openness in the expression of feelings and greater harmony in relationships. There is usually an appropriate level of give and take, but this native needs to beware of succumbing to flattery and becoming too dependant upon others. In some cases this is reversed and the native occasionally needs to extricate him/herself from too many social obligations and entanglements.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring