Saturn in Gemini

Gemini Saturn Saturn functions through the mind here because Mercury is its dispositor. Saturn is a planet of dryness and melancholy, so there may be a tendency for depression in some of these natives. The dryness is conducive to scientific pursuits where reason and logic are supported by fine distinctions. There is dicipline and rigor in thinking processes and there is great potential for scholarship. They usually prefer an orderly office and environment. Many accountants, writers, researchers and professors have Saturn here.

In a diurnal chart, Saturn functions as lord of the air trigon and brings a very positive outcome. Depression is minimized and usually just becomes soberness, because the heat of the day burns off the gloom. The mind is productive towards education and scholarship. The native is talented in engineering, mathematical and scientific pursuits.

In a nocturnal chart, Saturn has difficulty because the distinctions which lead to problem solving are harder to come by (The wetness blurs these distinctions). There can be bouts of depression caused by the coolness of the night which leads the mind towards inactivity and idleness. Because Saturn does not know when to quit in the darkness, there is often a tendency to overwork.


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