Mars in Gemini

Gemini Mars These natives usually have a great deal of nervous energy. If Mars is in one of the pivots, then it indicates those who become athletes with great agility and speed. Sometimes it is cited that relations with siblings are strained because it is said by modern astrologers that Gemini has to do with relations with brothers and sisters. This is probably not the case if this is the only indicator. Instead look for the lot of brothers (or siblings) and see if Mars or Saturn aspect the lot by Ptolemaic aspect and by whole sign. Do the same with Venus and Jupiter. Also note whether the lot falls amiss, or is in the sign of a benefic or a malefic (signs ruled by Saturn or Mars and vice-versa). If the lot falls amiss the native is either an only child or is not close to siblings. If in the sign of a malefic and aspected only by malefics then there is acrimony; if by benefics, then the opposite. Mars here also shows those who like to act on their ideas and bring them into practical reality. It is a good position for those inclined to solve problems like engineers, mechanics and computer programmers. If Mars governs Fortune, the Moon, or the ascendant, then the native may be prone to accidents that injure the extremities.

In a diurnal chart, the heat creates problems with excess energy and activity possibly leading to a higher incidence of injury. If this energy can be harnessed effectively, then the native is capable of great feats of accomplishment. If not, then it can lead to criminal intent and wrecklessness. It also creates dare devils, thrill seekers, and those who love risk.

In a nocturnal chart, the energy of Mars is reduced by the cool and moist of the night. These natives have an easier time training their energy properly so that it does not lead to injury. Actions are more deliberate and carefully thought out. This is an excellent position for military commanders and those who plan assaults.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring