Jupiter in Gemini

Gemini Jupiter According to medieval and later astrologers, Jupiter is in debility here. Elementally though, they appear to be in agreement because air (Gemini) is warm and moist and so is Jupiter. These natives seem to suffer from the dilemma between facts and faith, and between seeing and believing. It seems to indicate a struggle for perspective because the lord of this place (Mercury) focuses on the details, whereas Jupiter focuses on the big picture. Frequently these natives show an interest in philosophy, religion, education and law. Modern astrologers say that these natives have the opportunity for expansion of the mind which makes sense considering the inherent dilemma in this position.

In a diurnal chart, theoretically, faith gains ground over reason in the natives life. This is because Jupiter is in sect and is more heavily emphasized. While the different possibilities are magnified, there is still enough heat to make appropriate distinctions. The daylight has always had connotations toward the good, whereas night, towards the evil.

Theoretically, in a nocturnal chart, the opposite is the case, and reason should prevail over faith. The moistness of the night blurrs distinctions. Doubt, second guessing and indecision in uncertain matters is a logical outcome. This is because Jupiter is out of sect, but still magnifies the possibilities, all of which tend to be micromanaged.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring