Venus in Capricorn

Capricorn Venus Venus relies upon the stewardship of Saturn to ask on her behalf for love, romance, wealth and happiness for the native. If Saturn is well situated and receives Venus, then the individual is fortunate and will usually attain a long lasting relationship. Sometimes this creates a larger age gap between the native and the other person than is recognized as normal. The native often approaches romantic involvement from a practical point of view making them appear calculating to others. In ancient times arranged marriages were the standard, but now these natives are likely to be set up by others on a blind date (due to Saturn's agnoia). Most astrologers currently believe that Venus feels insecure and vulnerable in this sign, causing the native to be hesitant to get involved too quickly in romantic affairs. This is probably true in most circumstances unless Venus is oriental in a day chart squared or opposed by Mars.

In a diurnal chart, Venus is dignified by being in its own trigon but is not of the sect in favor. The heat rarifies romantic interests and the dryness may make them more picky because of the sharper distinctions, which probably means that they are monogamous but if there are hard aspects to Mars while Venus is represented by Saturn, then the ancient texts often make reference to lewd and scandalous behavior (especially if Venus is oriental). This may be because Venus determines whether it is conforming to the standards set by the bound lord according to its own lenient principles. They are likely to be more socially outgoing than their nocturnal counterparts, especially if Venus is oriental of the Sun.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and moist of night magnifies these same qualities in Venus and her lord, Saturn. Venus is of the sect in favor and Saturn sets stricter standards for conduct. This individual is not likely to be as outgoing and usually prefers to be passive in romantic encounters, particularly if Venus is occidental of the Sun. Their tastes tend to be more refined and they are more reserved in social settings. If Venus is not received, then the individual may tend to be a loner.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring