Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn The Sun Dec 21 - Jan 19: Saturn has rulership over the Sun here and the Sun is in aversion to its own domicile. Because Saturn represents the principle of agnoia, the Sun's (or your) sense of will and purpose is put to the test of whether it can manifest its being and become recognized as someone important, or have its achievements slip into oblivion through lack of acknowledgement (agnoia) or respect. If the Sun is received then there is ambition and success with achievement and acclaim. If not, then usually the native wonders what their purpose is in life because the agnoia (and aversion from Leo) prevents the knowledge of it. If this is the case, they often settle into routines and traditions for the sake of practicality rather than fulfillment. Their work ethic is very strong and sometimes they become workaholics, having a hard time loosening up because the Sun's spontaneity is restrained by Saturn. The reason for their tendency to overwork is probably because when the Sun is here, it is in the 6th solar house from its own (Leo). For the same reason they are often careful or mindful of their health. They often dislike flamboyant or rebellious individuals and feel uncomfortable around them. They crave respect because the Saturn/Sun combination tends to undermine their self confidence. They are very loyal and dependable. If eminence is indicated in the chart, the native usually comes to the forefront in politics or business.

In a diurnal chart, the Sun is automatically of the sect in favor. The dryness supports distinctions and clarity in goals and direction and the heat rarifies the drive and purpose to succeed. Unless the Sun falls achrematistikos (12th or 8th sign from the ascendant) they have a good chance for achieving something important by which they can be recognized. They are responsible and dependable and usually have a strong sense of purpose and rarely question their life direction. The down side is that they feel they have little freedom to do what they want at times, that they have to sacrifice alot to live up to other's expectations.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and wet of night go against the hot and dry nature of the Sun. This has the effect of causing the native to question their purpose in life because the wetness blurs the distinctions making it less clear. This can be quite positive because it is less likely that you are living up to anothers expectations. Therefore you can be true to your own with some soul searching. The down side is that it is usually more difficult to avoid obscurity and get the recognition you feel you deserve. As a result, this position can create a tendency for extreme overwork. Perhaps the darkness of night creates agnoia over when to rest and take a break.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring