Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn The Moon According to medieval definitions, the Moon is in detriment here. The Moon is ruled by Saturn which means that Saturn asks for domestic security, love and emotional support for the native before the cosmic courtroom on the Moon's behalf. Because Saturn does this according to its own nature and with some degree of neglectfulness and agnoia, the Moon often feels left out in the cold and slighted. Saturn places greater importance on responsibilities and duties and views feelings as impractical. As a result, the native often feels unworthy of love and appreciation, and they may be shy. Many come from a home environment that was very traditional where emotional outbursts were not thought to be proper. They may seek to keep the peace by repressing their own feelings until it becomes intolerable. Some react to this in a saturnian manner by earning the love and admiration of others through achievement or works designed to impress others. They often seek to justify their worthiness because of deep seated doubts caused by lack of emotional feedback in their early years. Others will be somewhat retiring and emotionally reserved, not easily expressing their love to others. Because the Moon represents the natives basic emotional state, they can be subject to depression and morbidity and can be hard to console. On the positive side these natives are cautious with money. They are able to endure hardships more easily than most because they lack a feeling of entitlement and were rarely spoiled as children.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness go against the cool and moist nature of the Moon. This has the effect of drying up the emotions to a large degree. Duty and responsibility tend to come ahead of personal needs and desires. This individual is more likely to seek to justify their worthiness of love and appreciation by earning it. Sometimes they aren't aware of any problems in their personal life until it takes them by surprise.

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and moist of the night amplify these same qualities in the Moon, increasing its dyadic, contrarial nature, but at the same time the agnoia of Saturn is increased. Emotions are not as likely to be repressed. Depression, shyness and loneliness may be problematic and the home life may be stormy, but problems eventually do get aired out because they will rebel against any traditions or expectations that make them unhappy. Their parents (usually the mother) may see them as irresponsible in their early years. It should be noted that the Moon is dignified by being in its own trigon which means that it is allowed to determine whether it is conforming to the standards set by the bound lord.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring