Jupiter in Capricorn

Capricorn Jupiter Jupiter is in its fall in this sign, which means that the cosmic soul is not able to perceive jovian issues like happiness, breadth of understanding, optimism, etc... with regard to the natives life very clearly. This affects more strongly the houses that Jupiter rules and not the general issue of happiness. This is because jovian issues are believed to have less merit when the issue is seriousness, caution, a focus of understanding (or lack thereof), pessimism, etc... Antiochus says that where Mars is exalted (war, violence and death), there Jupiter falls (life and breath). Jupiter is associated with air in ancient times and mountains are typically saturnian. It is interesting from an astrological perspective that as you near the summit of a mountain that there is increasingly less air. What this means on a personal level is that you are likely to be quite conservative and practical and can be very uncomfortable with overly optimistic expectations. You may be afraid to get your hopes up and tend to lower your expectations for the reason that you fear being let down and disappointed. There may be a tendency to look gift horses in the mouth. You may be overly cautious when it is unnecessary. Some astrologers say that this is good for those in business because Jupiter brings abundance and profit and Capricorn is the sign of business. However this would seem to be illogical because of the fall hindering the ability of Jupiter to speak to the cosmic soul about profit. Perhaps under some circumstances where Jupiter is received it can be heard, despite its inability to be seen while in its "depression". On a spiritual level, this position seems to be about the ability to perceive opportunity and overcome the illusion of the nothingness (agnoia) presented by its lord Saturn.

In a diurnal chart, the heat of the day supports this same quality in Jupiter. Jupiter is of the sect in favor, allowing it to function within the principle of limitation through faith. These natives are very practical and can be very persistent in striving towards their goals. They tend to consistently put a little effort in every day rather than trying to gain success all at once. They may be content with the illusion that they cannot make their circumstances any better or progress faster.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold of the night inhibits the abundance producing ability of Jupiter. This can mean that the individual suffers from a lack of financial resources or that they fail to properly perceive opportunities for advancement because of an excessively conservative or overcautious streak. If this individual learns to think positively, they will find that seemingly insurmountable obstacles to success are often illusions created by its lord, Saturn (agnoia).


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring