Saturn in Cancer

Cancer Saturn Saturn is in detriment in this sign according to medieval authors. This means that issues like duty and responsibility are muddied by personal needs and desires. Often there is a dilemma between satisfying yourself or satisfying others. It seems difficult to compromise and frequently others demand that you place responsibility to them before yourself. These natives usually feel like they have to earn love and trust and do not find it easy to love unconditionally. Saturn is the principle of agnoia (ignorance or unwit) and here it functions through the Moon. This means that there is a lack of understanding of ones own feelings, and sometimes a tendency to neglect showing your feelings or emotions. There may be a tendency toward shyness and melancholy. It is often the case that the native finds it difficult to integrate personal and professional life. As a result they end up living two different lives. This is exemplified in "I dream of Jeannie", where Major Nelson has one life at NASA and another life with Jeannie that is at odds with being a good astronaut.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness of the day warm Saturns naturally cold nature. There is consequently less agnoia and therefore greater clarity between personal and professional responsibility and less difficulty in personal relationships within the family. Domestic situations become more managable.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and wet nature of night creates greater uncertainty about your own self worth. This often leads to a feeling that you need to prove your worthiness to receive love by earning the respect of others around you. Frequently the home life is discordant and unsupportive if there aren't some other counter indications.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring