Pluto in Cancer

Cancer Pluto Pluto was last in Cancer from 1913 to 1938. According to Robert Schmidt, Pluto is the principle of alogos, meaning that Pluto represents an aversion to the principle of logos. Logos means to "go between&quot or ratio and proportion;. In a sense it means that there is no "in between" or transfer taking place. This intuitively leads to extremes and lack of compromise, and proportion. Pluto was discovered in 1930, which means that it was present in this sign at its discovery. The atom bomb is symbolic of its absolute power and the cancerian drive for national security based upon that power. People born with close aspects from personal planets to Pluto in this sign will often experience power struggles and fights based upon nationality and partiotism. They are a generation who seem to suffer from the effects of war upon their families and country. Because of the indeterminate sect nature of Pluto, it does not seem useful to speculate upon differences based on chart sect.


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