Moon in Cancer

Cancer The Moon The Moon is very powerful here because it is essentially dignified. This individual is good at manipulating the public through the use of emotional sentiment for political purposes. They are very good at expressing emotions, dealing with relationship issues and can be talented psychoanalysts. They rarely are at a loss to understand how they feel about any issue. They enjoy all things domestic and usually have a comfortable home life filled with creature comforts. They are also fond of the water and many of them become attracted to the sea and become fishermen or sailors. Their maternal instinct can be overpowering at times and if the Moon is afflicted here they have to be careful not to smother those they love and learn to respect others boundaries.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness of the day restrain the Moon's naturally sensitive and dyadic nature. The emotions are more contained or expressed in a more orderly fashion as a result. There may be a talent for culinary interests or hotel and restaurant management.

In a nocturnal chart, the cool and moist of night amplify the Moon's dyadic nature. If the Moon is also above the horizon, then it is in hayz. This native will likely live in the shadow or under the care of a powerful woman for most of his/her life. Eventually, they can become powerful leaders. FDR had this in his chart and is a good example of this.


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