Venus in Aries

Aries Venus Ordinarily Venus is inclined to passive social interaction, but the initiatory nature of this sign creates a stir. As a result, these natives are not as content to wait for pleasure but seek it actively, creating individuals with outgoing natures. They have little reticence in pursuing the object of their affections. Consequently, women born with this are more likely to ask men out for a date. Men with this position tend to become playboys, and enjoy showing off what they own.

In a diurnal chart, especially if Venus should be oriental (rising before the Sun on the morning of birth) these natives can be very self centered in the pursuit of pleasure and can have coarse manners. This is especially true if Mars should be square or oppose or be copresent. They may be subject to scandalous liasons and social embarrassment, though they may not care. Courtney Love is a good example of this type of Venusian expression (though I don't know where Venus is in her chart; could also be due to other factors).

At night, particularly if Venus is occidental, there is more consideration for the feelings of others and a great enough reticence to keep out of social scandal, unless there is some affliction coming from one of the malefics. These individuals form close, passionate and personal relationships that tend to last longer than their diurnal counterparts. There is a greater emphasis on committment and stability.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring