Uranus in Aries

Aries Uranus Uranus is a near perfect match for the nature of Aries; both are very dry. Modern astrologers often say Uranus rules Aquarius, but if the issue is one of affinity then Uranus is much more suited to take care of the affairs of Aries (I do not propose this idea in all seriousness; it is just an argument to make you think). Mars is of a similar nature to Uranus, in fact, the scientific symbol for Uranus is a cross between the sword and shield of Mars and the circle and dot of the Sun; all hot and dry symbols. Uranus is said to cause sudden breaks and behaves as a maverick, unpredictable in nature. Those born with Uranus here belong to a generation with heightened instinct for the correct time for action. Many have been pioneers in the technological fields.

In a diurnal chart, the heat and dryness agrees well with the aristotelean idea that dryness separates and does not conform easily to the shape of its container. This would seem to bring about an unrestrained individualism and eccentricity in the character of this generation. The daylight does not easily allow for surprises though and frequently those born in the day are seen to be more constant and forthright in their ambitions. This is because the unpredictable quality is often associated with the realm of Platos "Other", which is of nocturnal (cool and wet) nature. I theorize that a diurnal Uranus here probably operates more in the realm of Nous, or as modern astrologers are fond of saying, the higher mind. This creates those capable of receiving inspiration with the ability to initiate leadership on a grand scale if Uranus is closely joined by any of the inner planets.

In a nocturnal chart, the heat and dryness is directly counteracted by cool and wet, so perhaps Uranus is more conforming to its role of being unpredictable in the sense of being less expected and conscious by the native. It may also be possible that in a nocturnal chart, the effects here are seen to be more physical than in a dirunal chart. For this reason, this generation may be more prone to experience unpredictable events or urges as happening to them rather than their initiating change consciously through the mind of Nous. Such individuals may experience mishaps as inconveniences to be overcome, rather than opportunities for change. While malefic planets like Uranus generally benefit the native when their elemental nature is counteracted, Rob Hand once said that "some drynesses should not be moistened".


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring