Pluto in Aries

Aries Pluto Pluto's elemental nature seems to be similar to that of Mercury, very changable and not easy to define. For this reason it seems to belong to the twilight zone in the same way that Mercury rejoices when it is near the ascendant. Pluto has been synonymous with death, transformation and regeneration and therefore may rejoice near the descendant (theoretically). Aries is about war and machinery and during the early to mid 1800's there was great change in industry and in firearms technology. This is where we get the "shadowy outlaw" image of the old west. Pluto here seems to emphasize survival of the fittest philosophy. It is an interesting coincidence that the mass extermination of the red man (indian warriors - Aries) began when Pluto entered this sign.

In a diurnal chart, there may be a greater possibility for awareness of the shadowy side of the soul and a greater ability to purge or purify (or at least segregate) the underbelly of the self from the idea of the image of ones self. These characters may consciously embody the "John Wayne" mystique as a way of manipulating survival circumstances in their favor. Though I have not researched this, it would not surprise me if Jesse James or some of the more infamous outlaws had close contacts between inner planets and Pluto in Aries.

A nocturnal chart may move the individuals survival perspective to the more unconscious and instinctive. Because Pluto's sect/elemental nature is undetermined, it does not seem useful to speculate further.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring