Neptune in Aries

Aries Neptune Neptune is nearly the opposite in nature to Aries and is exceedingly cold and wet. While Aries tries to be pure to a cause and rarify its surroundings (medieval view), the coldness of Neptune aggregates and brings together things of unlike nature that are often contrary to the directness of this sign. Neptune seems to put forth the issue of compassion wherever it is located and in this case it is in the sign of action and leadership. The danger comes because of the impossiblilty of satisfying all, creating indecision and the appearance of weak or inept leadership. This generation may suffer, as a result, a heightened lack of confidence in its leadership or develop a cynicism of the future of the cohesiveness of its nationhood. Civil war is not uncommon.

In a diurnal chart, an individual from this generation may be able to see through the fog of uncertainty a bit more clearly, clarifying priorities and setting the needs of others in proper order in a more conscious manner, or because the moistness and cold is counteracted by the heat and dryness of the daytime, there may be a insensitivity to the larger issues of society and a preoccupation with personal concerns. What they seem to have in common is the lesson that ones actions cannot help but affect the whole in some way and that a conscious compromise must be reached.

In a nocturnal chart, the clarity and decisiveness is doubly counteracted by the cool and moist of Neptune and the night. The balance here for the individual from this generation seems to be in favor of consideration for others and making allowances for exceptions. As before in a nocturnal chart, the manifestations may be more physical than conscious, meaning that the native is more likely to experience events as happening to them and not being initiated by them. Neptune in this situation may represent one who cares for those who are victims of war or violence, if there is close contact between any of the inner planets and Neptune.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring