Mercury in Aries

Aries Mercury Mercury takes on an active temperment in this sign, creating individuals who are often impulsive when making decisions. Inspirational ideas and sudden insights are common effects for those born with Mercury here. Because of the excessive dryness of its ruler, Mercury does not mold easily to differing points of view. As a result they can be quite fond of debates and arguments. These natives can be very talkative.

In a diurnal chart, there is increased tendency towards argument and foul language, and encounters with others can turn nasty very quickly because the heat of the day exasperates the already imbalanced elemental temperament. This is especially true if Mars should witness this place from square or opposition or be copresent with Mercury in the daytime. The native is likely to have trouble controling their temper unless either Venus or Jupiter witness this place. Frequently the native acts first and thinks about the consequences later. They may have trouble keeping secrets.

In a nocturnal chart, the native finds it easier to be in control of their speech and often has a quieter disposition than their diurnal counterparts. This is a very good position for military commanders who plan attacks, or those who work in intelligence and national security. The cool and moistness of the night helps to balance the dryness of Mercury in this sign. As a result, they are much better at planning and devising strategies for problem solving. However, if Saturn is in one of the cardinal zoidia (squaring, opposing or copresent in this place) they may suffer from speech impediments or difficulties in communication or be mute.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring