Mars in Aries

Aries Mars This is the diurnal house of Mars. In the Hellenistic period, Mars was considered exceedingly dry. Heat wasn't added as a quality to Mars until the medieval era when arab astrologers tried to make the qualities symmetrical in number with the planets. The definition of dryness according to Aristotle was that which does not conform easily to a set of boundaries (unlike water, which conforms easily to the shape of its container). For this reason those born with Mars here are said to be very individualistic and tend to stand out from the crowd; and dryness, which separates, leads to independence. They are also said to be impulsive, irascible and have considerable courage and initiative. According to medieval sources this is a firey sign; heat is added to dryness, and heat is said to purify or rarify what it contacts. This purity of action generates the quality of directness, forthrightness and a sense of nobility.

In a diurnal chart, the heat becomes excessive and may create tyrants who will not tolerate opposition or interference and are very impatient. They will also tend to have more difficulty in settling their energy down to a sustainable pace long enough to see a project through to its end. With this much energy, it is a good idea to be involved in physical activity, such as sports and contests so the more malefic manifestations of your courage do not take the form of injuries or fevers, or in danger to others through violence. These natives can have violent tempers and their anger is short lived because it gets aired out in the open more frequently.

Conversely, in a nocturnal chart, the malefic manifestations of Mars are tempered because of the cool and moistness of the night. For this reason, if you are angered, you will tend to hang on to that anger in secret and for a longer time. While still individualistic and independent and courageous, you are less likely to take foolish risks and are more likely to think through the consequences of your actions ahead of time. These natives may have a quiet bohemian quality that generates magnetism, mystery and enigma as part of their personality.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring