Jupiter in Aries

Aries Jupiter Jupiter adds heat and moisture where dryness already exists. For this reason, the quality of dryness is minimized to some degree. Consequently, these natives are inclined toward group endeavors and enterprises where the involvement of others is more critical. This individual often seeks to lead such a group, and because Jupiter is associated with philosophy, these natives sometimes have inspiration which they want to share with the crowds. These natives often have an attitude of self importance, enthusiasm, and self confidence, that inspires others to action.

In a diurnal chart, the excess heat creates the danger of the natives overreaching themselves and instead of leading others, leaving them in the dust. Because there is also moisture added to heat, mist is created. This leads to an inability to see clearly through the fog of enthusiasm, leading to overconfidence or carelessness. Fanaticism may result. There is however an increased faith since the airy quality of Jupiter is supported and is in sect. If the native can overcome occasional blindness to reality, they may become great leaders.

At night, Jupiter creates more introspection and thoughtfulness in the natives. These individuals are less inclined to take action on faith and are more discerning and less overconfident. Here the nocturnal moistness is more likely to create leaders who can bring together coalitions that accomplish some useful purpose, though usually on a more modest scale than their diurnal counterparts. While Jupiter is out of sect at night, it is in its own trigon and therefore is more easily heard by the cosmic soul which makes Jupiter a more effective advocate on the natives behalf.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring