Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius The Sun Jan 20 - Feb 19: The Sun is in detriment here according to medieval tradition (there was no such concept in Hellenistic astrology). This means that the Sun is not supported in acting in accordance with its own nature, which is to be an individual, set apart and unique from others. This individual often has to share the spotlight with others. In some instances, when the Sun is afflicted here, the individuals sense of purpose, identity and personal validity are challenged to the point where his/her only choice is to become a rebel, or to live controversially. As I said in the paragraph above, this person may feel at odds with the world. If the Sun has benefics aspecting, then the native will overcome these odds to some extent, or work more cooperatively. Sometimes this position is indicative of enlightenment, because the light pierces through the darkness of its lord, agnoia (Saturn). This is also oddly enough, the sign of knowledge, whose keywords are often quoted in astrological texts as "I Know".

In a diurnal chart, the Sun is made more powerful and this individual more brilliantly takes a stand to be unique amongst the crowd. They are philanthropical, and very good at political analysis. The Nous here can see into the crowd and predict general political trends easily.

In a nocturnal chart, the Sun is not well supported in its uniqueness and individuality. This person may be seeking a normal life, not valuing his/her own uniqueness. Hiding in plain view is often this individuals approach. The issue of personal privacy is more important to this native than for most.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring