Neptune in Aquarius

Aquarius Neptune Neptune is idealistic by nature, and because of its inherently cold and wet disposition, it is inclined to promote social unity and discount the individual differences between people. Those born of this generation may be inclined towards utopic visions of how people should live together. Communism in some altered form may come back into fashion when those born during this time mature. On a more mundane level, this has the effect of placating the masses so that they might not take action when they should and become apathetic about social issues. Some will be disillusioned with humanity and become misanthropic as a result. Those with the inner planets closely aspecting Neptune will be the ones who will be set as examples for these ideals.

In a diurnal chart, Neptune is not as wet and cold, but that is not to say that it supports making fine distinctions, just that it is less inclined to unify and idealize social situations. This half of the generation will be more active in promoting utopic ideals.

In a nocturnal chart, Neptune's cold and wet nature is amplified. Social and moral issues are more supported but there is less motivation to act on behalf of promoting change. These natives are more inclined to promote passive resistance as an answer to social change.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring