Jupiter in Aquarius

Aquarius Jupiter This individual is often noted for their humanitarian and philanthropical tendencies. This is a good position for lawyers, judges and politicians, because Jupiter here shows that it is likely that the majority of the people will have respect for this native. Jupiter is very inclusive, so the natives social circle may potentially be very large and span across ideological, ethnic and racial boundaries. As a result, he/she develops a very broad perspective and sympathy for people. This individual feels at ease in large gatherings. Generally this native will tend to lean to the political left.

In a diurnal chart, the heat makes Jupiter more socially active and popular. This person has faith in people and is generally more trusting. This position is best for politicians especially if Jupiter should also be above the horizon. This is because Jupiter is of the sect in favor, in hayz, and is supportive of the air element.

In a nocturnal chart, faith gives way to reason, trust gives way to inspection. It is still favorable at the social level but with the cold decreasing activity and concentrating people both alike and unlike in tighter spaces, the native is likely to prefer involvement in smaller groups and is less active within them.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring