Venus in Virgo

Virgo Venus Venus is in fall here according to both ancient and modern tradition. This means that the cosmic soul does not perceive venusian issues to have great merit when Venus is in this sign. In other words, beauty takes a back seat to utilitarian concerns. It is a bit like Cinderella, who wishing she could go to the ball, got stuck doing dirty house chores. Venus here is the antithesis of glamour. It may be indicative of shyness or reserve under social circumstances, or it could indicate a tendency to be out of fashion or a tendency to be seen as a nerd. Paradoxically, because Virgo is a human sign, the ancients said that there is a tendency for the native to be well formed and attractive (even if they don't show it very well). They are probably those that stand to benefit the most from a makeover.

In a diurnal chart, Venus becomes essentially dignified by triplicity while also being in its fall. Theoretically this gives Venus the power to discern whether it adheres to the standards set by the bound lord. This may create greater leniency on the natives behalf or possibly laziness towards responsibilities. Not enough is known about the system of Hermes to conjecture this with certainty yet. Aside from this, I would expect a more active and outgoing personality and less reserve.

In a nocturnal chart, the cold and moist of night create greater reserve and shyness because the cold inhibits activity. Also because the cold groups that which is alike and unlike together in closer proximity with the wetness creating less distinction, one gets the picture of uncomfortable social circumstances and potential embarassing and awkward situations. Tact would seem to be very important here. What Venus does have going for it is that it is of the sect in favor.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring