Pluto in Virgo

Virgo Pluto Pluto was last in Virgo between 1957 - 1971. Pluto is often correlated with such things as generation and corruption (death and resurrection), atomic energy, secrecy (alogos according to Schmidt), dictatorships and power struggles. During this time the "Cuban Missile Crisis" nearly ended the existence of our civilization. Atomic power was also perfected and put to work in typically Virgoan fashion in the form of nuclear power plants and nuclear submarines. Workers unions had peak enrollment at this time after which it began to decline. Workplace safety and consumer rights became issues for the first time as Ralph Nader took on major corporations. Efficiency and convenience led to more free time. Pluto, which is alogos is in aversion to the concept of logos, Mercury which often shows how one occupies ones time. Those with close aspects from inner planets to Pluto in this sign may have an interest in forensic medicine and working with cadavers and may have important contributions to add to this field. They may have a talent for probing and investigating occult subjects, mysteries and unsolved crimes. They can be incredibly reserved and secretive and make good spies. Since the sect of Pluto is indeterminate, I will not speculate about differences based upon this.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring