Moon in Virgo

Virgo The Moon In most modern texts, this identifies an individual who wants the supports in their environment set to exact specifications. They can be very picky and are not easy to please, but they are very good at making ends meet and have an ability to survive under harsh circumstances. Because the Moon relates to the physical body, and the lord of this place to the intellect, they can be subject to psychosomatic illnesses, particularly those that relate to the digestive system. They have more talent than most for discrimination and tact in emotional circumstances.

In a diurnal chart, The heat and dryness of the day attempt to inhibit the dyadic qualities of the Moon. Emotions may be suppressed and analyzed but given very little room for acting out. They may try to be discrete, but may tend to lack a deep understanding of the feelings of others.

In a nocturnal chart, The cool and moist of night allow for a greater articulation of the feelings. In fact, the Moon is essentially dignified by trigon in this circumstance. This brings about in the native a talent for understanding personal priorities and practical issues in dealing with the feelings of others. Because the lord of this place functions in a metaphorical way at night, there may be a talent for psychoanalysis.


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