Moon in Taurus

Taurus The Moon This is the Moons exaltation. For this reason, the cosmic soul sees more visibly the natives domestic affairs and personal life. The Moon here creates a need for finacial and material security. In most cases these natives do well financially. If the lot of fortune is also here, or is the place of the acquisition, then great wealth can be had, since this place already has a tendency to attract the finer things of life. There is usually a streak of conservatism in these individuals. Since the Moon represents the physical body, this also often indicates the slowing and concentrating of metabolism. As a result there may be problems with weight gain.

In a diurnal chart, the emotions are more contained with clear boundaries set, and the personal life is less visible in public. The diurnal heat counteracts some of the built in complacency and allows for individuals to more easily accept change. The fire of the day also burns off impurities that create chaotic situations that the Moons nature here might otherwise create. As a result they do not feel as easily threatened by insecurities. These individuals have an easier time keeping active and their weight under control than their nocturnal counterparts. President Clinton has this situation and also has this place as the acquisition. This may be the reason why this country has prospered so over the past 7 years, as it is often said the fortunes of a nation can be read from the chart of the leader.

In a nocturnal chart, the Moon has free reign with the expression and sensation of emotions because the cool and moist of night allow for things of like and unlike nature to co-exist. This person is usually very intuitive and some may have psychic gifts. While these natives tend to enjoy greater wealth than their diurnal counterparts, they also tend to have more problems with slow metabolism. There can be problems with feeling insecure since the nature of the "Other" is overpowering, creating contrariety and variety. This is what creates a lack of clear boundaries between self and other in social situations. The earthy/dry nature of this place keeps this situation from going too far. Martin Luther (founder of Lutheranism during the church reformation) had the Moon in Taurus 9th at night.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring