Pluto in Pisces

Pisces Pluto Pluto was last in Pisces between 1798 and 1823 and will re-enter in 2043. Pluto often has to do lessons related to power, death and renewal of life and when Pluto is here, these lessons are idealized. In the early 1800's Napoleon followed his dream of building a new Roman Empire. In a sense this was a time of reliving the glory days of the past. Historians have since referred to this as the romantic period. It is interesting that Pluto was in the 5th place from its own sign while in Pisces and that the 5th has to do with romance, but because this is a transpersonal planet, the "romance" was made impersonal. Individuals with Pluto in close aspect or conjunction to inner planets here will be very charismatic and powerful in their expression. Because Pluto's sect nature is indeterminate, I will not speculate upon differences based on this.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring