Jupiter in Libra

Libra Jupiter While Jupiter has no essential dignity here unless it should be in its own bounds, this shows one who tends to be very popular and well liked by the public. They make good lawyers, public advocates, public relations officers, and judges. Because this place has to do with awareness of others, the native usually has more than a passing interest in moral/ethical issues relating to relationships and rules of conduct. As a result, they are very well mannered, socially refined and are generous. They encourage and have a tendency to bring out the best from other people. If necessary, they give the benefit of the doubt and can be lenient, but they will not forsake their principles.

In a diurnal chart, the airy quality of Jupiter is enhanced in part through an excess of heat. This makes the native very active socially and the process of rarification may bring the native and abundance of contacts with important or famous people. The dryness creates distinctions that give the native a clear sense of moral values.

In a nocturnal chart, the moisture limits distinctions and may create ambiguity about what is best or right in social circumstances. The coolness brings an abundance of people from many different backgrounds into the natives life. The native may be less outgoing socially and prefer the company of close friends to excitement out on the town.


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